Styling Shades For You

By Lee Reid

Vuarnet sunglasses offer some of the best protection on the market, including the designer world.

Protection from the sun's harmful rays should be a consideration, and Vuarnet realizes this importance.

They have sold over 20 million pairs of sunglasses over the past 40 years, all offering the utmost in safety.

Accompanying these specific lenses are stylish, high fashion frames to suit every requirement.

If you are into the latest, a pair of Vuarnet sunglasses will compliment your already awesome collection of name brand eyewear.

It's hard to imagine your eyewear selection being complete without a pair of Vuarnet's.

The biggest problem you will have is choosing which pair you want, since they have so many great designs.

You can find just about any style you are looking for, from nylon frames and polarized lenses to frames for kids.

They are well aware of the frames that look best on you, such as their famous aviator style.

This is the company to choose for all your styling requirements.

You can find them for sale at very reasonable prices, usually around $100.

There are some specialty models that are available that are priced over $100, but they are well worth it.

It goes without saying that those around you will envy your excellent taste in fashion eyewear when wearing Vuarnet.

Having their origins in ski wear sunglasses from the 80's, the brand is now a favorite in the world of fashion and is popular with celebs and athletes.

Readily available, and spoilt for choice, if struggling to decide which pair you want perhaps it best to start with the old faithful; the black glasses, adaptable to any environment. - 30822

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Cause A Stir With Special Effect Contact Lenses

By Paul Hamilton

Even if you do not have a sight problem you could still have the ability to sport contact lenses if you only want a variation of eye color.

Maybe you are going to attend a party and desire anything very unusual, well there are hundreds of models to be had for this goal.

You should however, for the majority suppliers, need to obtain a prescription from your physician or optician, even if you do not require a sight modification.

You can in fact discover that a number of opticians do have a supply of these fun contact lenses specially about the Halloween celebration time.

The majority of the businesses who create these special effect contact lenses have very high values, but there are a great number of cheap Asian and Chinese lenses entering the US which do not receive the FDA endorsement.

You must be especially informed that these possess the potential to be harmful to your eyes.

Evidently the primary step is to have a look through the catalogues of the contact lens dealers until you locate simply whichever you require.

You need to have already have procured a prescription from an optician giving you your base eye curve and your eye diameter in mm. Even though you have perfect sight you will still require to know the curve of your eye and the diameter.

The next thing will be picking the potency that you require, but if you do not need any potency at all there is a position to specify this.

Then you pick out the base curve of your own eye and the diameter and you will come up with these details on the prescription given by your optometrist.

This is all information you have to offer after that - you pay. It is entirely a trouble-free process for placing an order online but as I said you could nearly each time require a prescription before you might be permitted to buy.

Maybe if you locate a supplier who does not insist on a prescription I would be suspicious of that stockist, they are obviously not concerned with your own eye protection but they should be, so I would steer clear of them.

I have even observed a site which offers up to 80% markdown on branded name contact lenses and they additionally offer a collection of colored contacts with no sight correction simply for aesthetic use. Even although this business offer a good discount they nonetheless insist on a prescription.

At one time these colored contact lenses were only used in the theater or pictures, but they are commonly obtainable nowadays to anyone who simply desires to get a switch of eye color. They did cost a massive sum of cash when they were largely used by film or stage stars but not any longer, they are well within the reach of anyone who desires to check them out. - 30822

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Halloween Contacts

By Paul Hamilton

Colored contact lenses can be entertaining and can create such a variation to the way a character appears, but you have to be meticulous and make use of them correctly.

Clean-up of contact lenses, inclusive of Halloween contacts, is crucial. You have got to every time cleanse your hands in soap and water previous to handling the lenses.

Something you may not be concerned about but you ought to always use water-soluble cosmetics whenever you wear contacts. There are certain other types of makeup that might testify that they are safe to wear whenever also wearing contacts so you should be safe with this type.

You should not use the unclear type of lenses if you suffer from any difficulty with night sight.

If you have youthful children and you notice them making use of colored contacts always make sure that they purchased them from a permissible supplier and that they are using them properly and carefully.

You might want this type of Halloween contacts because you desire them to finish an outfit that you are likely to be dressed in to a unique revelry and thats okay, but remember, your eyes want to look good subsequent to the festivity. They do not need to be red and sore, that isn't a first-rate appearance.

Do not buy pre-owned contact lenses from anyone else neither allow anybody have access to your own. This could be asking to contract an eye infection. This is one giant no-no borrowing contact lenses!

There is such a diversity of styles if I was going to choose party contacts I just don't comprehend which I might decide on. I have recently seen a number having a leopard print for the colored iris, plus a black cat's head on a white background, a pointed black star on a white background and many others, all similarly astounding.

You are guaranteed to make people execute a triple take never mind a double take after you stride out wearing these type of contacts.

Single color lenses are the least pricy method to allow your eyes a new appearance. You could appear entirely unique with simply a changed eye color.

Twofold colored contacts indicates they have dual layers of coloring and these effect a bigger statement. The dual layer are recommended if your own standard eye color is brown because they could conceal the brown totally. Your eyes should appear simply stunning in this type of dual colored contacts.

With Halloween contacts you may look like a vampire, a zombie, an animal or many different wacky creatures. Transform your baby blues into outrageous and way out peepers.

You don't need to hang on for a festivity to simply modify your eye color, there are loads of beautiful colored contacts that will just enhance your very own eyes, single color lenses that let your natural glint glimmer through. - 30822

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Tips for Smokey Eyes

By Andrew Wong

Smokey eye look, no one can deny its lasting trend. Though smokey eye look has been popular since quite a long time ago, many celebrities are still using smokey eye look for formal and grand events. You can notice celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba, they all wear smokey eyes! What does this imply? It means smokey eye is a must to learn and to apply!

One of the well known key to beautiful smokey eye look is the skill for blending the different color eye shadow. This is definitely true. But to have a matte look or the original smokey eye look, you may wish to choose the matte eye shadow instead of the shimmer one.

Basically, you need three colors of eye shadow to have smokey eyes. The three colors can be named as highlight, mid-tone and contour. Highlight as it means is for highlight purpose therefore you can choose a shimmer one. The mid-tone should be matte one as this is the soul for your smokey eyes. Choose a color two darker than you skin tone. The final contour color is up to you to choose a matte one or shimmer one.

Start to have your smokey eyes by doing the all the foundation work first. You should clean your eyes and apply eye base, foundation and concealer. After that, you can use eyeliner with color similar to your overall tone to draw the upper and lower eye lines.

Apply the highlight color first for the whole upper lid from eyebrow bone to the duct of eye. Then apply the mid-tone shadow from lash line to crease. Blend and smudge at the line where the two colors meet. Finally apply the contour color from the lash line up to the crease, blend well with the mid-tone. Use the same contour color to smudge onto the lower lash line.

A final step not to miss is to apply mascara. It is a must in order to balance out the whole look. To match with the dark and grey eye shadows, you should choose black and volume enhancing mascara.

Whenever people talk about smokey eyes, the colors black and grey must come to your mind. In fact, you can use the same techniques for smokey eyes but using different darker colors like purple, dark green, dark blue, copper, etc. You can choose other colors that are suitable for you according to your skin tone, eye color and hair color. A simple rule is to match the same color tone with your eye color like blue eye ladies can try dark blue and green eye ladies can try dark green. - 30822

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Mascara - Eye Framing Beauty

By Trisha Martill

Mascara is used to boost the appearance of the eyes by thickening, darkening and lengthening eyelashes. In the past there were three forms of this product available, liquid, cake and cream. The key ingredients were petroleum jelly and black coal dust. These days the cake type is almost never bought for everyday use. The key target audience is stage actors. Present products use various colorants and wax to create precise results. Most formulas are cream or liquid. This allows for quick, easy application using a brush or wand created specifically for this function.

Mascara brushes change from one brand to the next, and are created to allow for different effects. Some brushes are straight which condense and lengthen the lashes. Others are curved to curl the lashes while broadening and thickening. This makes the eyes seem better and brighter. Liquid and cream formulations are packaged in little, narrow tubes, which allows for trouble-free storage and fast application. The two main sorts sold today are non-waterproof and waterproof formulas. Non-waterproof formulas depend on water combined with naturally derived wax and pigments.

Although simply removed with mild soap and water, it will smudge if it gets wet. Waterproof formulas use components similar to those used in oil and latex-based paints. To take it off, a makeup remover should be used to decrease the lash breakage and to help keep them moisturized. Due to the chemicals used, many women who have sensitive skin experience allergic reactions. Mascara is a easy and cheap way for a woman to make over her face.

If she has sparse lashes, mascara will make them thicker and appear fuller. If the lashes are light, it will darken them. Short lashes can be lengthened and curled bringing attention to the eyes. In addition to the waterproof and non-waterproof formulas, there are also options for colored or clear formulations. For a natural look, try one of the shades of brown or a clear option. It will thicken, separate and lengthen the lashes without giving the eyes a "made-up" appearance.

Black defines the eyes and when used in conjunction with eye shadow and eyeliner, it can frame the eyes, making them the true focal point of the face. For a fun, interesting look, try mascara in jewel tones, such as blue, violet or burgundy. If you haven't found the perfect look yet, keep trying. New formulations are being introduced every year. Competition is fierce and the results are beautiful. - 30822

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Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism Combines Breakthrough Technology And Comfort

By Adriana Noton

Your eyesight is one of the most important parts of you. If you have astigmatism, then you probably already know how it is to not be able to see things as clearly as you would like. This can be very frustrating at times. If you would like to have the best ever contact lenses for your astigmatism, then you need to check out Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.

Astigmatism is when the cornea of in your eyes is irregularly shaped. This can cause a lot of discomfort when you try to wear contact lenses other than Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism. This is a very common condition and now there are lenses just for those who have this condition.

Many people with astigmatism can benefit from wearing Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism. These were first introduced in 2008, and since then, many people have already experienced wonderful corrected vision. If you want to have this same experience, then these are the contact lenses for you. This is not to mention all the other benefits you will get from these lenses as well.

Because of the cornea's shape in astigmatism, many people who have tried to wear other lenses have found them to be uncomfortable. This is not an issue with Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism. These are made specifically for those who have astigmatism. Those who wear these contact lenses have worn them up to seven days consecutively with any kind of discomfort.

Protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun is really important in taking care of your eyesight. These contacts will be able to help you that as well. The lenses tinted slightly for UVA and UVB protection from the sun. Another great part about this is that you are going to be able to find a dropped lens better if it isn't completely clear. This is definitely a plus.

One of the biggest problems with contacts is that they get dry and begin to feel highly uncomfortable. You will start feeling like sand is in your eyes. With Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism, this problem doesn't exist due to technology called Hydroclear. Hydroclear means that the lenses are going to feel like silk and stay moist all day long. You will even forget that you are wearing them.

Those who have worn the older kinds of contacts know that if they slip a little out of place, you not only experience discomfort, but your eyesight becomes distorted as well. With these lenses, you will have the benefit of your lenses never moving out of the right place. What all this means is that your lenses will adjust on to remain in the right place all the time.

The technology used to make these lenses is truly a step into the future of eye wear. The fact that those who assumed that they couldn't wear contacts is a wonderful advancement in itself. If you have astigmatism, these are the lenses for you. - 30822

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5 Tips To Help You Not Get A Contact Lens Infection

By Joseph Oklert

Wearing contact lens is quite common. More and more people who need help with their vision usually now prefer using contact lenses instead of the usual eye glasses. Now, if you wear contact lens frequently, then you must know the ways how to avoid contact lens infection. Avoiding infection can lead you not just to healthier eyes but also refrain you from spending unnecessarily from treatment.

Below are five tips to follow so that you can prevent any contact lens infections:

1. Soak your contact lens in contact lens solution.

If you have disposable contact lens then it would be necessary to follow the lens care instructions provided by manufacturers and health professionals. Primarily, soaking your contact lens prevents the growth of microorganisms such as fungi and other kinds of bacteria as well. In some cases, you need more drastic moves in cleaning your lens. This can be done with the use of special solution tablets which can also remove calcium and protein deposits. Knowing how to cleanse your lens properly can prevent harm to the eyes.

2. When choosing a contact lens solution do it carefully.

You should not just grab the first bottle that says contact lens solution. If you want to avoid contact lens infection then you should take extra care in choosing the best solution. A good cleansing solution should be able to remove not just calcium and protein deposits in the lens but also the bacteria that may house on it. It is also important to choose one that has the ability to moisten and lubricate the lenses so you can be free from eye irritation. Your chosen lens solution should be approved by your doctor.

3. Good hygiene is key.

We know that we all have lazy days but not being able to practice good hygiene with your contact lens can lead you to infection. You should at all times maintain the discipline when it comes to regular contact lens care and cleaning. You can avoid contact lens infection if you follow the prescribed instructions as per the process and the frequency of cleaning or changing your contacts.

4. Do not wear your lenses longer than you should.

If you want to save money it can be a he mistake to extend the life of your contacts. Over extending the life and use of contact lenses can lead you to infection caused by lack of lens moisture and also of the growth of microorganisms which can all be harmful. The best way to avoid contact lens infection is to follow the prescribed period of use for each set of lens.

5. Know the signs of an infection.

Being knowledgeable in the symptoms of eye or contact lens infection can save you from a worsening condition. If you suffer form blurry vision, redness, pain, increasing sensitivity to light or excessive discharge from your eyes, then it would be best to consult a doctor immediately as these are the common signs of contact lens information. Going to a doctor immediately can either help you avoid contact lens infection or save you from worse medical conditions. - 30822

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